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This page will contain screenplays that are currently in progress and more will be posted as they develop.  The screenplays are offered on the site for sale to possible producers and to solicit feedback from anyone interested in giving them a read; conceptual promotional art is also included to give an idea of how the finished work could be marketed.

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The Overpass
WGA-E Registration # I02634-00 (early draft)
WGA-W Registration # 900348 (current draft)
Drama, 112 pages
© copyright 2003, Randy A. Riddle

Warning: contains violence, mature language, adult situations.

Seventh Draft, Jan 05, 112 pp
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concept one-sheet by/copyright 2005 Sean Martin (click for larger version)

In 1976, four Southern working class bikers carry a dead friend in a motorcycle sidecar coffin on a road trip to fulfill his last wishes and uncover his secret past.

Production Notes:
This character-driven film is conceived as a bigger-budget independent film or cable movie. Includes 21 male and 5 female speaking parts.


other scripts in development:

Baby's In Black
A romantic black comedy about a nerd who pursues and wins the heart of a cheerleader as he comforts and supports her after the death of her boyfriend, the star of the football team.

A sleazy voyeuristic couple who arrange illicit trysts with married, well heeled businessmen and videotape them for blackmail are drawn into a web of deceit and self destruction when they obtain a snuff film involving a powerful politician.

The Experiment
A comedy about a young graduate student dons a helmet-mounted camera to record every moment of his life and stream it live on the Internet, alienating his friends, family, his girlfriend and his employer.

Circa 1960, a naive aspiring bodybuilder on muscle beach is approached by a fanatical Italian film director searching for the star of his next low-budget sword and sandal epic. The making of the movie turns out to be a bigger adventure as "Hercules in Hades" turns into a trip through a personal hell of failed relationships and artistic insecurity for a director that can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality, an alcoholic actor on the skids, and a California surfer/bodybuilder that is suddenly thrust into the role of a director's id. (Think "8 1/2" meets "Hercules in the Haunted World".)

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