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the writer's life

LA Diary: Weekend at the Screenwriter's Expo
No Class Pretzels and the Art of the Pitch -- LA Diary 2: The Sequel


Burning Bush: Thoughts on Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings"
Steve Sterling:  Recreational Vehicle

art and culture

Barbie's Molded Plastic Undergarments
Brian Eno and the Microsoft Sound
Oh, For An Old Fashioned Playground
Music for Living


Metallica Died of Starvation and It's All My Fault

gay life

Personal Ads, Lost Cookies and Perfect Hair: A Night at Warehouse 29
Set Up for the Fall?
Fried Rats in the Looking Glass: On Richard, Gay Survivors, and the Price of Fame


Air Raged: How Delta and American Airlines Turned Me Into a Greyhound Passenger