tlc: year with
a leather club

a documentary by Randy A. Riddle


Reviews and Press

Lexington, Kentucky Herald Leader, February 1997

A showing of the documentary received an extensive write-up in an article on Connections, a conference on popular culture held at the University of Kentucky. Stuart Norman and Randy Riddle were interviewed for the article which appeared in the February 9th edition.

Rainbow Award, November 1996

These pages were granted the Rainbow Award for GLBT excellence on the Web.

"Black Sheets" magazine, Number 9, Fall 1996

"This videotape covers a lot of familiar territory but will serve as a carefully thought-out introduction to the scene for newcomers and curious outsiders. The care that went into this documentary is apparent from its first frame to the last ... TLC shows fairly ordinary people dealing with their 'dark sides' in a pretty straightforward manner. If you showed this along with the excellent documentary, Blood Sisters, you'd answer most common questions and concerns regarding S/M play ... RECOMMENDED."

"International Leatherman", September/October 1996

"TLC: Year With a Leather Club opens with an introduction to the leather/fetish and motorcycle lifestyle as described by club members ... Novices and seasoned players alike will appreciate the groundwork Riddle has adeptly laid for a deeper investigation of TLC and the leather lifestyle .. TLC's participation in the Names Project, the March on Washington, and the club's annual run is expertly documented by Riddle, and it reveals the tremendously nurturing sense of family that TLC and many leather clubs foster ... "

"The Link", National Leather Association Newsletter, Summer 1996

"After viewing the film, I walked away feeling as if I knew some of the Tarheel Leather Club members on a personal level. As I watched the film, the genuine affection that these members feel for each other became evident ... an example of why leather clubs are formed and the powerful impact they can have on their community in the political and social arena."

Review from "The Front Page", July 19, 1996; p. 21

"... a thoughtful and respectful documentary of the Tarheel Leather Club and its members"

Review from "Drummer", Issue #195

"While there is very little nudity or sexually explicit material, this is an engaging look into the reality of leather, fetishism, and SM ... this is a good introduction to leather and SM. It would be a good thing to hand friends who ask all those pesky questions about what the scene is all about."

"The Leather Journal", various issues, 1996

The TLC video has been mentioned in several features appearing in this monthly magazine from the National Leather Association.

"Gay and Lesbian Online", Jeff Dawson, Peachpit Press

This Web site for the TLC video was featured prominently in an essay at the beginning of the Leather/SM chapter of Dawson's guide to LGBT resources on the Internet.

Comments from, organizer of the Dallas showing

"I have heard people try to explain why they are in a leather club or their feelings about their club brothers and sisters. You have been able to capture some rare moments with people who were at ease enough with you to answer the questions."

Comments from the Indianapolis Showing

"Another patron, who was in awe that such a club existed said, "This film is a great eye-opener. I always wanted to know more about the gay leather and S/M scene. This film provided me with information I couldn't get anywhere else." "

"Thank you" from a viewer

"The interviews were well done and the production quality is good. I will be recommending the video to my friends (even the non-leather ones)."

Interview with the filmmaker, "The Front Page", Nov. 1995

The director talks with TFP about the making of the TLC documentary and other film and Internet issues.