tlc: year with
a leather club

a documentary by Randy A. Riddle



TLC: Year With a Leather Club is a feature-length video documentary concerning Greensboro, North Carolina's Tarheel Leather Club. The video, directed by Randy A. Riddle, was shot over a one-year period and looks at TLC as a dynamic community organization.  One of over six hundred Leather/SM clubs and organizations in the United States, TLC has won several awards for their work in the local and national community in the areas of Safe Sex education, fundraising, and political activism. 

The documentary was assembled from over thirty hours of footage that captures all areas of the club's work and the people that make TLC unique.  A variety of materials were used for the piece -- the director examined newsletters, collected photographs and audio recordings, and conducted thirteen long-form interviews with members of the group. 

The director was a member of the club before shooting the documentary.  The project was designed to produce valuable primary source materials to future researchers and scholars about the Leather/SM subculture and an information resource to North Carolina's Gay and Lesbian community.  The video itself is an attempt to share the work and views of the people of TLC with others in the Leather/SM community and create some bridges of understanding to those outside of the subculture. These Web pages are an extension of those outreach and documentation efforts. 

TLC: Year With a Leather Club is the first in a series of feature-length documentaries by the director concerning Queer individuality in the South. If you have any comments concerning the documentary project, or would like to know more about the series, please send an email to the director at