tlc: year with
a leather club

a documentary by Randy A. Riddle


Interview Transcripts Index

Thirteen extensive interviews with members of the club were conducted for the documentary. On this Web space, the director brings you transcripts of the material to allow you to explore material that could not be included in the final video because of time limitations and for the benefit of scholars and researchers of the Leather/SM subculture.

    Stuart Norman on the history of Leather clubs, women in the Leather Club subculture, SM as an emotional release, spirituality and SM, his own "coming out", body modifications (tattooing and piercing), and Leather club "runs".

    Franc S. on "coming out", changes in the Leather community over the past few years, SM images in popular culture, and changes in attitudes towards TLC by people in the Greensboro area.

    Jim Prezwalski on "coming out", the early history of SM in Western Culture, "old guard/new guard", regional differences in the community, piercing.

    Gil F. on staged "fantasies" as performance art, the personal meaning of body piercing, and spirituality and SM.

    Janet B. on "Safe/Sane/Consensual" sex, SM politics, how people become members of TLC, her introduction to leather in a motorcycle club, and TLC's educational efforts in the Greensboro area.

    Kevin D. on the founding of TLC, safety precautions in SM play, women in the SM subculture, what his family thinks of his involvement with TLC, SM politics and the "Beat Jesse" campaign, and TLC's monthly newsletter.

    David Wr. on similarities and differences between "Leather", "SM", and "Fetish"; reactions to the club in the local community; TLC's fundraising efforts and cooperation with the female impersonation community; and stereotypes of Leather people.

    Gary H. on the attraction of Leather and spirituality and SM.

    Robert M. on TLC as a support organization and preservation of the history of the Leather/SM subculture.

    Steve W. on spirituality and SM and getting in touch with the "primal" self through SM.

    David Wh. on "drag queens" and Leatherpeople and TLC's fundraising efforts in the Greensboro area.