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Personal Stats and Info

If you haven't caught on already by browsing some of the content on the site, I'm gay. I don't like to use that word, however, in describing myself.

I don't flaunt my sexuality, but I'm available to talk and am open and up-front about it if anyone cares to ask. I do feel that the real strength of gay men and lesbians lies in really expressing who we are -- there is no single "gay culture", but many ways of being yourself. I'm not really interested in "assimilating"; I'm a strong individualist and would be a little different even if I weren't queer.

With that out of the way, I'll say that I'm easy-going, thoughtful, and, for the most part, rather quiet. I enjoy an evening with a good movie or book or a nice meal with some good friends. I don't go to the bars, but do like an outing to a good arts or theatre event. The redneck in me enjoys a game of pool now and then and you just might see me once in a while in a straight biker bar (they often have the best pool tables).

Spiritually, I consider myself a Pagan. Recently, I've been studying Celtic Pagan traditions and Shamanism.

Physically, I'm 5'6", red hair, beard, currently 38 years old and around 190 pounds. I enjoy lifting weights and would like to find a workout partner/encourager.

Some of the subcommunities I identify with are seen through the sites listed below. Please note that some contain adult-oriented content: