raider in canada:
portrait of sean martin

a documentary by Randy A. Riddle


The Safe Sex Slide Lecture Series

In 1989, Sean Martin was asked by an instructor at a local AIDS agency in Toronto to prepare a series of cartoons for a lecture on safe sex.  The following images were the result.  Sean noted that the instructor didn't see the images before they were used the first time and didn't know what to expect -- so the instructor was doing some quick improvisation for the lecture.

The images are typical of the type of work that Sean has done for several years on behalf of AIDS causes -- Doc and Raider were used in a series of posters for AIDS awareness and issues dealing with "HIV mixed" couples, for example.

This series has been previously unpublished until their appearance on this Web site.  The works were completed early in the cartoon's existence, so there are some stylistic differences with the more recent panels in the way in which the characters are drawn.

One image in the series is not included on this page due to a scanning error on my part -- and apologies for quality of some of the images, which have faded a bit over time.  All of the works are untitled; the text below each image is for easy identification on this page.

You may click on the thumbnails to view a larger version of the image.

All of the images are (c) copyright Sean Martin and may not be published or otherwise reused without permission.  Special thanks to Sean for allowing the series to be reproduced on this Web site and in the Cool Cat Daddy Productions documentary., 3.15.99

"drawn to each other"

"mr. wiggley"


"only a matter of time"

"under him"



"mister butler"


"elbow length"

"still checking"

"a little on the big side"


"one cent sale"


"parking tickets"

"real urgent"

"with me so far?"




"negotiation 2"

"motor oil"