raider in canada:
portrait of sean martin

a documentary by Randy A. Riddle


Further Reading

The 90's have seen a renaissance of Gay and Lesbian cartoon work and many strip, single panel, and graphic novel works are available in local Gay papers and national publications or in book form.  The following list is a starting point for those who wish to check out works by various recommended artists.

Ralf König -- A German artist who has received wide acclaim for his innovative graphic novels.  One, Kondom des Grauens (Killer Condom), was made into a German feature film.  His books included Bull's Balls, Maybe...Maybe Not, (made into a German film in 1994 as Der Bewegte Mann) and Konrad and Paul.

Howard Cruse -- An underground comic artist who created the critically acclaimed graphic novel Stuck Rubber Baby about a Gay man's coming of age in the racist South of the 1960's.  Dancin' Nekkid With the Angels is an anthology of his work and Wendel on the Rebound looks at his most well-known series of cartoons, Wendel.

Meatman:  An Anthology of Gay Comics -- For several years, this series has brought together work from a variety of Gay cartoonists.  Uneven at times, but a recommended starting point for examing the variety of styles and subject matter tacked by Gay cartoonists., 5.20.99