goatboy and
the music machines

a documentary by Randy A. Riddle


Screenings and Press

4.98 -- FSTV Webcast  
Goatboy and the Music Machines was screened at FreeSpeechTV beginning the week of 13 April 1998.  You may view the 54 minute video in it's entirety from FreeSpeech TV's archives by clicking here.  TLC: Year With a Leather Club is available in their archives and was screened at the site in 1997. 
1.98 - Top 20 Site, Lycos Community Guide 
The Web site for this documentary was listed in the top 20 sites in the Lycos Community Guide's category of Documentary Film and Video.  The guide is voted on by users of the Web.  Thanks! 

10.18.97-Mental Health Net, Review 
This site was reviewed and listed as a Gay and Lesbian Resource on Mental Health Net