goatboy and
the music machines

a documentary by Randy A. Riddle


a poem from RFD magazine,
Fall 1993



Pavana in spirit,   
No place to rest   
Love from a man   
I dare not request;   
For I'm a lower form of being   
Surrounded by handsome   
Bodies and faces,   
And this monster,   
Having no graces   
except in green and mossy places   
surrounded by thickets, brambles, and thorns   
Safe from those who revile my horns   
Making love to goats and trees   
None are better friends than these?   
Though the beautiful men   
Give me an embrace,   
to save them from karmic disgrace,   
They know to go any further with me   
would be committing acts of beastiality.   

My goat lovers have all gone away   
In loneliness I now sadly stay   
Dreaming of my cloven friends,   
Dancing in the realm where   
the universe ends   
'Round a monolith jagged and gray,   
There on my flute I gaily play   
Pan, Azazel, Hern, and the others   
Oh I do miss my satyr brothers.