don't call me madam

the life and work of ray bourbon


Sound Clips

Sound clips of Ray's recordings may also be accessed on the Discography page. These clips are presented in Real Audio format and additional clips will be added as the project develops.

Mp3 versions of Ray's recordings can be downloaded from 


Bourbon to the Cleaners
complete track from 78, New Bourbon Records 101-A
2:40, 330 KB (28.8 Real Audio encoding)
Ray takes a vow to "clean up his act", taking a few good natured potshots at other Gay and drag nightclub performers of the time.

complete track from UTC10 "Ladies of Burlesque"
2:35, 318 KB (28.8 Real Audio encoding)
Ray was a bit older than forty-five in the late 1950's when he recorded this ditty about the perils of old age.

Hamlet's Soliloquy
complete track from UTC5 "Bourbon 100 Proof"
3:56, 485 KB (28.8 Real Audio encoding)
A reworking, as only Ray could do it, of this classic bit of Shakespeare.

complete track from UTC 5 "Bourbon 100 Proof"
1:28, 181 KB (28.8 Real Audio encoding)
What if Ray Bourbon did a commercial?  Well, here's your answer.  The track shows off Ray's amazing rapid-fire delivery.

The Fortune Teller
complete track from UTC 8 "Around the World in 80 Ways"
3:16, 403 KB (28.8 Real Audio encoding)
Ray looks at the stars and planets and makes a few astrological predictions just for you.

Russian Refuge
complete track from UTC 8 "Around the World in 80 Ways"
2:01, 250 KB (28.8 Real Audio encoding)
Still one of my favorite tracks by Ray, a song that looks at a Russian countess who's down on her luck.

The Wedding
complete track from UTC-1, "An Evening in Copenhagen"
6:59, 819 KB (14.4 Real Audio encoding)
One of the most fascinating tracks from Ray's albums in which Bourbon tells the story of a 1920's Gay wedding that was raided by the police. "It's all true," Ray exclaims, inviting the listener to check out news reports concerning the event. "Miss Sherry" that Ray refers to may be his vaudeville partner, Bert Sherry.

Bedtime Story
complete track from UTC-3, "Don't Call Me Madam"
5:37, 660 KB (14.4 Real Audio encoding)
Part of Ray's "Family" series which depicts a hapless wife that encounters problems with the kids, the neighbors and her husband Henry, who always seems to be telling dirty jokes around the kids or on his way to the bathroom.