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the life and work of ray bourbon



Ray Bourbon appeared as an extra or had bit parts in a number of films, particularly during the silent era.

This page will attempt to document those film appearances.

If you have access to or information on specific films of Ray, including news footage, home movies of his nightclub act, speaking parts in sound films, or other related material, please send me an email.

I am particularly interested in short films that feature Ray which may have been produced in the 1920's or early 30's. At one point, Ray claims to have appeared in "the worst series of short subjects ever produced"; no specific references to or documentation of these films has yet been discovered. Ray was known to have worked in films and have contacts at Paramount, MGM, and Warner Brothers during this period. Individuals with specific information on short subjects of these studios, or smaller independent studios of the time, are encouraged to send me an email.

" Blood and Sand"
In this Rudolph Valentino film, Ray plays a young man at the beginning of the film that is gored by a bull; he dies in Valentino's arms. Later in the film, he pops up as a guard in one scene.
Ray also has bit parts in other Valentino films.

"The Ten Commandments"
Ray had several bit roles in the original silent version of this DeMille film. In his autobiography, he tells about the wild cast party that got many people that worked on the movie fired from the studio at the end of the shooting.

"Hip Zip Hooray!" (RKO short, 1934)
In this short film produced by RKO, Ray has a significant role in several scenes as a gay designer of ladies undergarments. The plot of the movie involves a sheriff with an escaped prisoner and the husband of a rather butch female state governer accidentally buying a "salon" when he goes out drinking one night, thinking he's bought a "saloon". The "salon" sells fashionable women's undergarments. Ray noted in his autobiography that he appeared in a series of comedy shorts and this may be one in the series. Unfortunately, the RKO shorts have passed through many companies over the years and aren't well documented. A copy of "Hip Zip Hooray!" was provided to the webmaster by Jonathan Sanders who recorded the short off of BBC television in the 1980s - a lucky find!

"Golddiggers of 1937"
About mid-way through this film, Ray is seen dancing at a pool party in a closeup. He mentions the appearance in his autobiography.