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the life and work of ray bourbon


Research Materials - Documents

This page is under development. Soon, some primary research documents will be posted here including information on Ray's interview with the FBI about two Soviet defectors in the early 1960s.

External Links

Mae West - Police Arrest Record for "Sex" Play
The Smoking Gun web site includes these documents on West's arrest for the play "Sex"; despite Ray's claims, we still do not have definate proof that Ray was in the cast of the show.

The Closing of Finnochio's

An article from a December 1999 issue of San Francisco Weekly on the closing of Finnochio's, a venue where Ray performed in the 1930's.

Online Documents

Excerpt from "El Senora Diablo", Grain Producers News, April 1974
An article where Ray tells the story of his association with Pancho Villa.


"Diamond Lil"-Playbill (2 pages)
from the collection of Charles C. Cage
Ray is noted in the cast of the show on the second page shown.

UTC Flyer, probably circa mid-1950's
from the collection of JD Doyle
Offers the "collected works" of Ray, "six LP's in a deluxe album".  The artwork shown here for some of the covers may be composites specially created for this flyer.  This promotional item seems to have been included with some of Ray's LP's of the time; only one copy of the "deluxe set" cover has so far been discovered.

Female Impersonator Needn't Fake Again-Says Surgery Made Him a Her (New York Journal American article, May 28, 1956)
reproduced on the cover of Ray's UTC album "Take a Look at My Operation"

Ray-Rae Bourbon's Switch in Sex Allegiance:  He's Now a She -- A Mexican Standoff (Variety article, May 23, 1964)
reproduced on the cover of Ray's UTC album "Take a Look at My Operation"


Jewelbox Lounge, Kansas City-Flyer (4 pages)
circa early 1960's
from the collection of JD Doyle
The flyer was one of many documents entered into eveidence during Ray's trial.  The second page shows two photos of Ray and promotes his LP recorded at the Jewelbox.  The final page of the flyer indicates that it may have been given away to patrons of the Jewelbox so that they could send the flyer to friends.  Includes evidence stamp.