don't call me madam

the life and work of ray bourbon


Discography Acknowledgements

Assembly of this discography depends entirely on the good fortune of a few collectors who happen to run into one of his hard to find LP's or 78's or references to Ray in studio session logs.  The basic information on Ray's 78's is courtesy of David Diehl who is assembling a discography of "party records" at  I am deeply indebted to David for allowing me to reproduce the information here.  David notes that his own chronological ordering of the releases and recording dates are somewhat speculative, based on his own experience with comedy records in general and some limited documentation. Diehl's chronology has been verified to a certain extent by the limited information we have on particular dates and events in Ray's life and career.

Information on the LP's was gathered from my own collection, along with original UTC recordings provided to me by Jim Shulman in New York.  Thanks to Stuart Norman for his remarkable discovery of the Jewel Box release by Ray Bourbon at a record show in Greensboro, NC.  Also, very special thanks to Dr. Demento who reported the live album by Ray on the New Bourbon Records label and to Charles C. Cage, New Orleans, who contributed additional information concerning the LP's and 78's, along with copies of the Lasses 45's  and the previously unreleased live recording by Ray from 1965.  Sara Hassan and Don Romesburg kindly contributed dubs of 78's for the documentary as well.  Collector "larry-bob" contributed a scan and information concerning the ultra-rare "Best of Bourbon" box set for the project.