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Discography - 78s

Links on particular track titles will bring up a Real Audio excerpt of a particular recording.  Click on a thumbnail image of a jacket or label for a larger picture.

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Please note:  titles highlighted in green are still needed for this project.  Please contact me if you can provide a tape, CD, or .wav copy of a needed title listed here or another title not in this discography.


Brunswick Test Recordings (78, 1929 and 1935)

LTR236-A-B -- Shopping with Ella
LTR237-A-B -- Ella in Hollywood

"SCOTCH & BOURBON, comic dialog.
Los Angeles, October 29, 1929, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
LTR236-A-B  Shopping with Ella "Brunswick Test"
LTR237-A-B  Ella in Hollywood  "Brunswick Test"
Note:  The recording sheet shows that both selections are composed by Rae Bourbon, and this indicates the identity of one member of this duo."

LAT 973-A -- I Want to Be Good

piano accp. Bart Howard (composer of 'In Other Words', a.k.a 'Fly Me to the Moon').  Recorded in Hollywood, 1935.
This recording has not been verified as actually being by Ray Bourbon.  Spotted in Brunswick's ledgers, an actual copy of a pressing or master plate has never been discovered.  The recording could have been a test to determine if Ray could record sides for the label -- Ray was appearing at so-called "pansy" nightclubs in Hollywood and San Francisco in the early 1930s and the label may have considered releasing material by him, since Columbia and other companies had issued material by Jean Malin and other "pansy" nightclub performers throughout the late 20's and early 30's.

Western Record Co. Bourbana (78s, circa 1930's)
These titles were reissued on various labels, noted below.  Some reissues may be pirated dubbed versions, noted where known.  Label photo courtesy of David Diehl,


WR-711-A Sisters of Charity
WR-711-B Three Shop Girls

WR 712-A  My First Piece
WR 712-B  I'm in the Mood

("My First Piece" also issued on Hollywood Hot Shots 391A)

("My First Piece" also issued on Good Humor 7-B (WR-712-A))

WR-713-A  Her First Piece
WR-713-B  Low Brow Bourbon

("Her First Piece" also issued on Hollywood Hot Shots 381)

("Low Brow Bourbon" also issued on Hollywood Hot Shots 393)

WR-714-A  Gigolo
WR-714-B  Chiropractor's Wife

("Gigolo" also issued on Hollywood Hot Shots 382)

("Chropractor's Wife" also issued on Hollywood Hot Shots 363)

("Chiropractor's Wife" also issued on Party Record unnumbered (2538)  as "The Masseur".)

("Chiropractor's Wife" also issued on High Society 501  as "The Masseur".)

("Chiropractor's Wife" also issued on Partee (unknown number)  "The Masseur".)

("Chiropractor's Wife" also issued on Novelty 103  as "The Masseur".)

WR-715-A Navy Day for Tessie
WR-715-B  Spanish Passion

("Spanish Passion" also issued on Hollywood Hot Shots 380)

WR-716-A  Cocktail Time
WR-716-A  Forbidden Broadcast

("Cocktail Time" and "Forbidden Broadcast" also issued on unnumbered Hollywood Hot Shots 78's.)

WR-717-A  First Swimming Lesson
WR-717-B Love Child

("First Swimming Lesson" also issued on Good Humor 10-B  (717))

("First Swimming Lesson" also issued on Party Record 500A as "Her First Lesson".)


Liberty Music Shop (78's, circa mid-1930's)
Listed as by BOURBANAS (Ray Bourbon with Forrest and Wright).  Recorded at the Decca Studios, New York City, 1936.

L-208  (75222A)  Chiropractor's Wife

L-208  (75223A)  Gigolo

L-209  (7522)  Trombone Trixie
L-209  (75221A)  Her First Lesson


Liberty Music Shop (78's, circa 1940)
The following sides feature Jack Burke at the piano and were recorded at Reeves Sound Studios in New York City in 1940.

L-318 (3439)  Bashful Cowboy
L-318 (3440)  Millie

L-319 (3442)  Bedtime Story Part 1
L-319 (3443)  Bedtime Story Part 2

L-320 (3444)  Spanish Opera
L-320  (3445-1)  Oriental Opera


Imperial Records (78's, mid 1940s)
Of no relation to the later rhythm and blues label, the Ray Bourbon Imperial sides were recorded in Hollywood around 1941. Some included accompaniment by Joey Melborn.

Imperial 106
"Sunday Ride", Parts 1 & 2


JD Doyle collection


100 A (X3)  Susie
100 B (X2)  Family Tree

101 A (X3)  Sarah From Sahara
101 B (X4)  Man's Man

103 A  My Ace in the Hole
103 B  Three Guesses

104 A  Fountain of Youth
104 B  Tessie

105 A   Take a Lay (also seen on 105 as "Take a Lei")
105 B  Chief Peanut Stand

106 A  Sunday Ride Part 1
106 B  Sunday Ride Part 2

107 A  Gland Opera
107 B  To Hell with the Range

108 A  Hollywood Appendicitis
108 B  Hollywood Drive-In Storehouse

109 A  Mrs. Willouby Objects
109 B  Since Ivan Started Div'in'

110 A My First Piece
110 B My Last Piece 

110 A  (12î)  Country Ham
110 B  (12î)  Forty-Five

112 A  Orchids to Alice
112 B  Queen of the May

117 A  The New Neighbor (Part 1)
117 B  
The New Neighbor (Part 2)
In September 2009, a reader of this site sent me a 12" vinyl test pressing made at Allied Recording, Los Angeles.  This one-sided disc with a blank label and matrix number 117A contained a recording of "The New Neighbor".  Handwritten on the label was "A Real Blonde - Ray Bourbon".  It's unknown if the disc was actually released, but I'm seeking a copy of the other side of the disc.

118 A  Nero
118 B  Constance

300 A Forbidden Broadcast
300 B Strip Queen

500 A  Morning (Part 1)
500 B  Morning (Part 2)

500 C  Afternoon (Part 1)
500 D  Afternoon (Part 2)

5X A  Dinnertime Part 1
5X B  Dinnertime Part 2

New Bourbon (78's)
Sides feature Jack Burke at the piano and were recorded in Hollywood.  Label photo courtesy of David Diehl,

Note that issue number 100-A/100-B ("Mrs. Tom Maynard's Chickens", "Mrs. Tom Maynard's Dogs"), credited to Bill Barclay with Jack Burke at the piano, is the only release known on the label by an artist other than Bourbon. Barclay was another nightclub performer that was a friend of Ray.



101-A Bourbon to the Cleaners
101-B  Strong, Solid, Sensational

(Some copies of 101 contain "The Bourbon Motif" on the 'A' side.)

102-A  Vacation in Nevada
102-B  Give, Sister, Give

("Give, Sister, Give" reissued on LP UTC-1 as "Sisters of Charity".)

102-A Irma's Week End (Part 1)
102-B Irma's Week End (Part 2)
(This is not a misprint -- two different issues have been seen released as New Bourbon 102. It is unknown which was released first or why there is a discrepency in the series numbering.)

103-A  Mr. Wong
103-B  Mrs. Bevington Swope

("Mr. Wong" and "Mrs. Bevington Swope" reissued on LP UTC-1.)

201-A I Had a Piece (better copy needed)
201-B We've Got to Have a Union (better copy needed)

101 A  Gentleman's Gentleman 
101 B  The Rehearsal

unnumbered (107)  The Model 
unnumbered (108)  Sahara 

unnumbered (110)  Professor Yussell 
unnumbered (113)  Family Tree


Anonymous White Label (78, circa 1937)
These sides have been verified by David Diehl; they were likely pressed in very small quantities and sold exclusively for use in jukeboxes. Some have typed white labels; others are completely blank. These issues may have been pressed in quantities of less than a dozen.

(X 025) Shanghai Flo
(X 026) Singapore Lilly

(24) Strip Tease Queen

Information indicates that 516 may be dubs of earlier material; titles are "best guessesî for unlabled BD-1 and BD-2. Approximate dates are unknown for the following recordings.


516 (A)--Armchair General
516 (B)--Ivan

BD-1--[You've Got to Feel That Thing Yourself]

Hollywood Hot Shots, Good Humor, Party Novelty's, Hi-Society (78's)
In addition to the reissues of Ray's Western Record Co. Bourbana releases, noted above, the following has also been found on Hollywood Hot Shots and other labels. These are possibly pirated or unauthorized reissues of Ray's material. The tracks shown are verified as being by Ray; the other side of the recordings contain similar "party" numbers by other artists.

Issued as anonymous releases
Hollywood Hot Shots 338 (24)  Strip Tease Queen

Good Humor 17-A (24) Strip Tease Queen

Party Novelty's (24)  Strip Tease Queen
Hi-Society Records (HS 502-B) The Masseur (reissue/pirate of "Chiropractor's Wife")


Hi-Lite Records, Party Record (78's, early 1940's)
Hi-Lite Records 103  Days of Yore

Party Record 515 When Knighthood Was in Flower
(same performance as "Days of Yoreî)

Party Record 515 Air Raid Warden

A.R.C. (78's)
Listed as by BOURBANAS (Ray Bourbon with Forrest and Wright).  Recorded at the Decca Studios, New York City, 1936.

unissued?  (LA 1082)  My Harmony Man
unissued? (LA1083)  My Swimming Lesson