don't call me madam

the life and work of ray bourbon


Credits and Thanks

There are many people who have encouraged my research on Ray Bourbon over the past few years. Below, I would like to thank some people who have provided materials and leads for this project.

Charles C. Cage, who is working on a stage play based on Ray's life, has generously provided copies of articles, Ray's trial testimony and several recordings, including a previously unreleased home recording of Ray.  You can reach him at if you have information about Ray or are interested in his research.

David Diehl, who is producing an online discorgaphy of "party records" at graciously allowed me to reproduce his information on Ray Bourbon's 78's at my site.

Don Romesburg is a graduate student at the University of Colorado, who is researching Ray's stage performances, has provided valuable information, articles, and recordings for the project.  Other academic researchers interested in Ray and the female impersonator venues in which Ray performed may contact Don at

Elin Woodger, a New York author who has written a volume on Ray's composer friends George (Chet) Forrest and Robert Wright, shared some of her notes from her extensive interviews with Mr. Wright.

Jim Shulman, a fan of Ray, is providing many Bourbon recordings from his personal collection for the project. Remember, Jim, "Twelve inches always give you two more inches ... on the record."

Sara Hassan graciously provided tape copies of some of Ray's hard to find early 78's.

David McCain, a New York collector, provided some articles that initiated the research process.

Dr. Demento, after seeing these pages on Ray Bourbon, reported  another live LP by Ray, a curious pressing on the New Bourbon Records label and generously provided a CD copy of the LP for this project.

J.D. Doyle graciously scanned labels and jackets of some of Ray's LP's for the project from his personal collection.

Finally, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to my good friends Stuart (thanks for finding the Jewel Box lp!) Norman, Sean (Sure, I'll work on a script with you) Martin, Gil (Oh, you're just a tortured artist) Fray, and, of course, Jason's Brain