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the life and work of ray bourbon


About Ray's CDs


Cool Cat Daddy Productions released, through the services of, a series of nine custom-manufactured compact discs featuring almost all of Ray Bourbon's recorded legacy. These CD's were only available for a limited time as a special collector's edition for Bourbon fans.

These CD's are currently out of print.  However, Ray's recordings are available at for free download at the link below:

Listing of Ray Bourbon recordings at

The CD's were mastered from almost eight hours of vintage recordings generously provided to this project by collectors including Dr. Demento, Don Romesburg, Charles C. Cage, Jim Schulman, and Sara Hassen.

For reference, an outline of the contents of this CD series is shown below.



The UTC Recordings: Volume 1

This first CD in the series includes the complete contents of Ray's first two UTC LP's. An Evening in Copenhagen is a mix of tracks originally released on 78 and newer material recorded for the album. It includes tracks such as "The Wedding", an extended story about a 1920's Gay wedding that took place in Chicago and the classic "Give, Sister, Give", a parody of street missionaries.
You're Stepping on My Eyelashes featuring "Queen of the YMCA" and many others, was one of his most popular albums.
(Running time: 58:24)


The UTC Recordings: Volume 2

The second and third album Ray recorded on the UTC label.
Don't Call Me Madam features songs and routines that were a part of Ray's Carnegie Hall performance, including the "Family Trilogy" ("Sunday Drive," "The Cafeteria", "Bed-Time Story") that has Ray playing the part of an outrageous and bossy wife.
Girl of the Golden West includes material with a Western theme, including "To Hell with the Range" and "Horse Opera". A skewed look at life on the plains by Texas native, Ray.
(Running time 57:27)


The UTC Recordings: Volume 3

The fifth and sixth entry in Ray's series of UTC releases.
Bourbon 100 Proof is a classic Ray Bourbon effort that features his take on "Hamlet's Soliloquy", from a drag point of view.
One on the Aisle is a shorter-length LP includes Ray's parodies of opera and the theatre such as "Carmen".
(Running time 42:14)


The UTC Recordings: Volume 4

The seventh and eighth UTC albums by Ray.
Let Me Tell You About My Operation is Ray's most infamous and sought-after recording with its hilarious title track and energetic routines.
Around the World in 80 Ways consists of songs and sketches with an international theme, including "Russian Refugee" and the outstanding track, "The Fortune Teller", where Ray reads the stars and planets just for you.
(Running time 53:44)


The UTC Recordings: Volume 5

The last two UTC albums released by Ray.
Hollywood Expose features a number of tracks dealing with the Hollywood scene. "Last of the Bobby Soxers" looks at the stars from the viewpoint of a fan; "Tessie, the Messy Extra" is a great routine about working in the biz.
Ladies of Burlesque is an album that includes songs and routines dealing with the theme of nightclubs and showbusiness. The LP includes Ray's thoughts on growing older in "Forty-Five".
(Running time 62:26)


Yes! This is Ray Bourbon

Some of Ray's best and most rare material.
Yes! This is Ray Bourbon is an ultra-rare LP (only two copies are known to exist!) that was possibly issued as a promo item around 1954. It consists of two, full-length nightclub shows by Ray, recorded live, at the peak of his career.
As bonus tracks, the CD includes four sides from Ray's Lasses 45's. These were issued in New Orleans in the early sixties and include Ray running through some classic numbers with a Dixieland band.
Finally, a previously unreleased live recording, "Untitled", put on tape at a party in New Orleans around 1965. Ray performs two extended, hilarious routines (one, about a "peeping Tom" couple and a rendition of "The Neighbor's Party") and includes some comments about the party.
(Running time 59:10)


A Trick Ain't Always a Treat

For collectors, we offer some lesser Ray material from later in his career. While not as well-known as his classic UTC LP's and 78's, the material is interesting to see how Ray re-worked older routines for different audiences.
A Trick Ain't Always a Treat was recorded in the 1960's at the Jewel Box in Kansas City and includes two complete shows by Ray. These include "Three Girls at a Matinee" and a routine about American history, along with many short jokes and one-liners. The style is closer to some of the risque party records of the 1960's.
As a bonus, we include four more sides from Ray's Lasses 45's, issued in New Orleans in the early 60's. These feature Ray running through some of his old tunes with a Dixieland jazz band and two surreal tracks, "Barbary Coast" and "The Party", that sound like Ray wandering through the crowd cracking one-liners.
(Running time 53:49)


Her First Piece: Best of the 78's, Vol 1

A collection of great Ray Bourbon 78's from the 30's and 40's. This collection concentrates on the Bourbana and Liberty Music Shop releases.
Please note that the sound quality varies, due to availability of source material.
(Running time 51:47)


Gland Opera: Best of the 78's, Vol 2

A second collection of Ray's best 78 releases from the 1940's. This group focuses on tracks from the New Bourbon and Imperial labels.
Please note that the sound quality of these tracks varies, due to the wide range of source material used.
(Running time 44:26)