don't call me madam

the life and work of ray bourbon


Selected Bibliography

There was little published information about Ray Bourbon during his lifetime. The following list of references is incomplete and more will be posted as the project develops. In some cases, I have references to the existence of articles about Ray, but not an actual reference showing dates and page numbers for the publication. These will be added as they are verified.

General Posthumous Articles on Ray Bourbon

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"Rae Bourbon, a Protege of Mae West, Dead at 78", New York Times, July 22, 1971, p 38.

Articles on the "Pansy" Nightclubs in California in the 1930s

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Coast Raid on Panze Joints" Variety Oct 4, 1932, p 52

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"Rough Frisco Cops Send Pinched Boys to Women’s Court," Variety, May 30, 1933, p 1;

"Rosenbrg Minus Pansies, But Gets Beer Permit," variety, June 6, 1933, p 56.

Reviews/Mentions of Ray’s Work in Mae West Plays

"Empress Mae" (review of Catherine Was Great) by Lewis Nichols, New York Times, August 2, 1944.

"Mae West Hits Montclair" (review of "Diamond Lil") by Brooks Atkinson, New York Times Theatre Reviews, November 30, 1948, p 2.

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